Discounts on Technical Cleanings

Many people have asked me if we have any cleaning programs that give discounts on Preventive Maintenance. The answer is always “yes!”

If your office or your own business has 4 or more cleanings performed on one service call, we will discount all of your cleanings by 10%.

So if your printer cleaning bill comes to $300 for this one call, we will take $30 off of the total bill to make it only $270 at that point.

Additionally, for 10 or more technical cleanings done at one time, we will discount the total bill by 15%.

Please call us with any and all questions that you may have relating to our services or supplies. or cleaningdiscounts


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Quality – Not Quantity is What Counts

What if I told you that the secret of success for a small business is “quality”, not “quantity.” Could or would you believe me?

I have seen so many times Joe tell me that I need to make 5000 widgets this week to stay alive.  He makes the 5000 widgets (in a rush). They go out to his clients (lots of clients). Ten percent 10% of the widgets are defective and come back. How much potential business do you think could be loss over that? How many possible referrals or word of mouth gone?  How many very unhappy existing clients do you have now?

When our company does a quality job for someone, the returns can be outstanding  and many additional businesses come our way. Customers that are happy with the way their printer is cleaned bring many returns of business and a large amount of future service to us.

Take the additional time to produce a great working machine for your client, and go the extra mile to make sure that all of their questions are answered. and qualityandquantity

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Quality of Toner Supplies

Many people buy rebuilt or remanufactured cartridges these days. They have been purchasing OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturers) supplies for a long time, and now want to save a bit a money and also save on the environment. This is a great idea. Just remember a couple of things though….

The way Joe builds them can be different than the way Sam does them down the road. You are always going to have a bit of a difference in quality between suppliers. Everyone normally will try their best to give you a good product. But some supplies are just not going to be quite the same as someone else’s.

The toner could be a bit different make or quality – the cleaning blade can be just a tad off on making contact with the drum surface – same for the developing roller in the cartridge.

You are always going to get some spillage of some sort from any cartridge, and your printer is always going to need some TLC once in awhile.

Always ask for the warranty on the product, and their guarantees. We always have one, and can be your service company at the same time. or tonersupplies

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What does it take to remove a paper jam

Most people at some point in time experience jams in their printer or the fax machine.  The reason that this can happen is that the printer is dirty or a feed roller of some sort is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Also paper in the paper tray can get skewed (go in crooked) and cause major jams to occur in the paper path of the machine. Please flare the paper once in awhile in the paper tray to make sure that at least there is a good chance that the paper will feed straight through and properly. or paperjam

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Cleaning the Printer and its accessories

It is very important to maintain superior print quality and performance in your printer.  Having your printer thoroughly cleaned is what keeps it running in top condition.

After a certain number of copies in your printer, paper dust, heat, toner from the cartridge start to take a toll on the performance of the printer and your print quality.  

Take a moment and make a call to us. Many times we can prevent your equipment from going down and costing you downtime, money and the upset of not being able to get your documents out on time.

Dan Sauvageau or laser printer repair

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Why Printers need to be cleaned

Many people ask me daily, why a printer, fax or copier needs to be cleaned. 

The explanation is simple – they are machines that are mechanical and electrical like your car, and they need some TLC once in awhile.

You have many boards, cables and electrical components within office equipment that become effected by static electricity, paper dust, heat and climate conditions, that require your equipment to be serviced on a timely basis.

Our recommendation is normally 6 months to once a year for a full cleaning and Preventive Maintenance check to be performed on your office equipment.

Keeping your office equipment running efficiently, and keeping your staff happy is something that Rocky Mountain Printer Repair specializes in.

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How much does it cost to clean a printer?

Normally, if you bring a printer in to us for a cleaning, you will save the trip fee to come out to your office of $40.  Cost for a printer cleaning is $75 for black and white laser printers. Cost for color laser printer cleaning is $90.

Other printers vary in cost from $60 to $100. or printercleaningcost

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