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Computer Services

We have many specials going on for computer services these days.

Virus removal, Spyware, Malware problems can be handled within the same day.

Also,  hard drive replacement, keyboard replacement, LCDs, data recovery.

Give us a call and we can discuss any and all computer/laptop problems over the phone. We can let you know what is a good detail, and one that wouldn’t be worth the repair.


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Laptop & Personal Computer repair

Quick, efficient and professional laptop and pc repair is available at Rocky Mountain Printer Repair.

We provide virus, malware and spyware removal. Replacement of hard drives, keyboard and LCD repair.

Only if it is cost effective to you, will we recommend that your computer be repaired.  Sometimes it makes sense to buy something new and start over, compared to repairing an item.

We will let you know on your evaluation what makes sense to do and what doesn’t.

Please call us at 303-680-4669 for solutions to your computer problems.

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Computer Services

For quite some time now, Rocky Mountain Printer Repair has been servicing personal computers and laptops.

We can do a quick and professional analysis of the problem, and many times get it back to you on the same day.

Our fee is only $40 to have a check done on your laptop and computer.

We have the technical staff that can provide solutions for computer viruses, bugs, or any other conditions that maybe occurring to your personal computer or laptop.

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Who has the best printers?

I am asked constantly about – “who has the best printers on the market, for the best price?”

This is something that is tough to answer. Simply because it really is just a matter of your flavor and choice.

Over the years I have worked on dozens of models of machines. Each and everyone has had its ‘querks.” All of them have paper jammed, or power issues, printouts not looking great. I could go on and on with problems that I have seen.

I would say generally speaking,  HP dominates the printer marketplace for a reason.  Their customer support is something to be questioned, but most of their machines generally perform pretty well.

Again, just make sure you get your cleanings done on time. Once a year is what I normally recommend.



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Making these crazy printers work!

Why do we have to live with these crazy machines!  They never seem to work right for me!  Am I the only one with these kind of printer problems?

We live with what I call the “unique printer problems” everyday. Sometimes there is a quick sign that something is definitely wrong with the machine, and sometimes it is just a symptom that shows up once in awhile and you live with it. Don’t wait for the major problem, when you are right in the middle of a project.  Been there and done that!

Get some help – give us a call. We are available Mon-Friday 8-5pm.

We are always will to help.


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Cost Effective Preventive Maintenance

During economic times when money is tight, we don’t necessarily want to spend money on our equipment – rest assured this is when equipment seems to go down on you,  just when you don’t need it to.

There is a reason why technicians and service companies tell their clients to get their machines cleaned once in awhile – and for sure before there is a problem.

Having your equipment serviced helps give your printer, copier or fax machine longevity, stability to perform for a long period to come. Rest assured, this can be done by having a well qualified technician come out to your office and home, and have a good tune-up done.

He or she can give you sound advice on if your equipment is worth the repair or not. I know our company will definitely do that for you.


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Flashing Red or Yellow Warning Light

Many times on laser printers, or even fax machines, you will see displayed at times flashing warning lights. They can be colored red or yellow.  Just depending on the model of the machine, these lights can indicate certain things.

In short, the red or yellow lights can be paper jams in your machine. Also a sensor can be out or is damaged in some respect.  This usually requires a technician to either reset the sensor or replace it.

Additionally, warning lights can represent supplies that have become low and require replacement. Such as toner out or the drum unit in a certain brand of machine needs to be taken out and replaced with a new drum unit.

Please feel free to give a company a call anytime with questions about any and all warning lights that you may see coming up on your printer, fax or copier machines. or warninglights

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